Wedding Bus Paphos Cyprus

Michelle’s maid of honour had arranged a hen party with a trip on the Exclusive Wedding Bus based in Paphos. You can get away with an open top Bus anytime of the year in Cyprus but at 26 deg it was a welcome treat !

The Wedding bus collected everyone from the Annabelle Hotel proceeded to serve up a glass of bubbly and then took a trip around pathos to cheers and waves from the public. Then the driver dropped everyone off at the harbour for a boat trip out into the bay.

Various crazy antics went on that night involving lots of shots and various drinking games.  Here is a small selection of our work from the evening!

We would definitely recomend the exclusive bus and the boat trip if your feeling like letting your hair down I will add some links below with details of the operators, they were brilliant and well worth recommendation.

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The Wedding Bus Hen Party here
The Wedding at the Annabelle Hotel here

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