Our Style

In the words of Coco Chanel - Fashion changes, but style endures.

Fashion is the name for items companies create and sell four times a year. Style is what you personaly choose to select and wear from the fashion that is available to you. Our style is not just the way we compose, capture, select and colour grade images into a stylish body of work. Its the way we interact with people and the way people relax in our company. Its about that glint in the eye, that moment thats gone in just a moment. If you love our work it’s not the individual fashion images we have created that you love, it’s our style. It’s the result of our dedication, passion and most importantley the unique way we see the world. Its why when people try to mimic our images they just never look the same.

So our style is not just about beautiful aesthetics, it’s far more complex than that. It's about the genuine feelings, emotions & unpretentious moments that are captured and the way they are captured. We understand that your hair, the clothes you wear, the decorations of your tables are all in your control. But the way you are captured, whether your poses are flattering and the way you are presented to the world is entrusted to us and even though we're laid-back & chilled-out we take it very seriously indeed, it’s why people who love art and style ask us to cover their very special day.

When you book us as your photographers you are investing in our work and you are saying "out of all the photographers we can book, we want you to be the ones with us on our wedding day" - imagine how that makes us feel... and that's also a big part of why our work looks the way it does.

So if you don’t already know us, for the record, it is our intention to produce the most wonderful, fun and emotionally charged images from your day and build them into the most beautifully presented and stylish body of work we can.

We’re flexible, relaxed, easy going and a good laugh. You can trust us and you can rely on us because we will not let you down, and when your friends say is that a Lawes Photography book ?

You will be able to say “YES IT IS!”

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