Larmer Tree Wedding Cinema

Here is our Captured Moments Movie from Louise & Jame's family wedding at the Larmer Tree Gardens in Wiltshire. Love is a pretty amazing thing, it changes everything. But its an emotion, its a feeling, its a look in the eye. It appears and vanishes like some kind of strange magic in an instant in time. Our aim is to capture this love, the truth of it and bottle it. We want to make it tangible so you can return to it, so you can relive it and you can share it. Thats why its so important to us that our photography and our movies capture the real you, the true emotion and the feeling of love. At the start of this movie we have included some images we created from Louise & Jame's Love Shoot. I really like the idea that its now even more than a wedding movie, it says even more about them and just like our photography, I love the idea that this movie will be watched and shared by their growing family in years to come.

Behind the scenes...  There was light rain for the majority of the ceremony and at several times during the day so it made the filming and the photography slightly more complex to prevent lenses from misting up and certain bits of sensitive equipment had to be kept dry. Everyone knows that I love shooting in the rain and we are always prepared for it so its no problem. To create the love shoot images and frame footage I printed the images and recorded the footage separately. As normal we used the minimum amount of equipment we could so there was little impact during the day. 

Here is a Link to a selection of our Photography from the day:

Venue :