Larmer Tree Wedding

The Larmer Tree is a beautiful venue for a wedding and we had been looking forward to it all year. We had met up with Louise & James on a couple of occasions the last being their love shoot. We had been keeping an eye on the wether and rain was forecast in the morning with sunny spells in the afternoon. Now I know nobody really wants rain on their wedding day but it’s no problem for us and Louise & James were determined to have the wedding outside and I am really glad they did!

There are several covered locations at the Larmer tree and Louise & James had opted to have their ceremony in the Roman Temple with their guests seated just outside. The staff at the Larmer Tree were fantastic, they provided white umbrellas for all the guests and covered the chairs so everyone was kept dry and cosy! Gale, the wedding co-ordinator, was brilliant. She had called me a couple of days before the wedding to touch base which was really helpful and then continued throughout the day of the wedding, carefully looking after everyone making sure everything went smoothly.

In amongst all of their plans James had arranged for a very special wedding car… it was a series one Landrover! As you can imagine we had a lot of fun in that as we took a mini tour around the grounds but as with all things weddings time flew by and soon it was time for lunch.

The food and catering were excellent, with everything being served in the marquee and the lawn. As the speeches came to an end the rain and clouds parted and we were left with brilliant blue sky’s and sunshine. We took the opportunity to go for a stroll and created our wedding portraits and captured moments, I have included some of them below.

We’re really looking forward to coming back to the Larmer Tree it’s a wonderful place for a wedding and suits our style perfectly.

Here is a very small selection of our work from the day, it’s really hard to choose just a few to  post! – I know Louise & James’ Story Book is going to look amazing.

Here is a link to our Cinematography from the day :

Venue :

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