East Close Hotel wedding Cinamatography

We were so looking forward to Megan & Jonnie's Wedding at the East Close Hotel.  It was some time ago when we met them for their Love Shoot but here we are in June and it's the big Day! We all had a great time capturing their wedding as stills but also making a cinematic movie as well.

Megan & Jonnie were not getting married until 3pm so it gave us some time to shoot a few balls on the driving range before getting ready.  I will post a small selection of the images from the day, which are amazing, but here is our finished movie from their day for you to share.  We really wanted a Cinematic feeling and it's likely that this will be the favoured format for our Cinematography as I love the drama involved.  All the footage is created at the same time as our stills so it creates the least amount of impact on the day. Hope you enjoy it.

Venue :http://www.eastclose.com