Robin & Ann Wedding

Back in June we had the pleasure of shooting Robin & Ann’s wedding in north Wales. The location was a very old and beautiful country house. It was a 6 hour trip so we left early at 4 AM to get there with plenty of time in hand. The weather was very dull and raining with low cloud for most of the day which of course made the photography challenging!

But we all darted in and out to get some great shots during the ebbs and of course the weather did not take away any of the bright and happy moments that there was on the day. Many thanks to everyone who braved the showers to get the group shots we all wanted. Altogether it was a FAB day and enjoyed by all.
Many congratulations to Robin & Ann for getting hitched and giving everyone a wonderful day and a great party which spanned several days!

Photography info. Due to the low level mist and cloud and the small windows in the majority of cases the light availability / level was very low. In order to produce these images extremely high ISO’s were used together with very expensive glass. In the majority of cases they were shot way outside of a safe auto exposure envelope meaning that each needed to be metered and shot manually with great care and attention paid to stabilisation and subject control.
Careful post production handling and noise reduction completed the work.

Kind words from Robin and Ann when they received their pictures –

“Dear Liz and Wayne
The photographs are amazing!  We were blown away when we looked through the preview book.  Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job.”

Here are a small selection from the day.