New Forest Wedding at the South Lawns Hotel – Lisa & James

It was a bright and sunny morning when we loaded up the car to cover Lisa & James big day. They had planned their wedding in the New Forest for some time and after a fab love shoot by the sea about a month before we were really looking forward to there big day too!

As always we had planned out how we were going to cover the day’s events in advance which was split between St Marks Church in Pennington and the reception at The South Lawns Hotel in Milford in the Afternoon.

St Marks Church is stunning inside with beautiful fresco painted walls and stained glass. I remember looking at the worn and polished floor tiles and thinking of how many people have past across them. The Reverend Anne Elliott conducted the ceremony. Then it was back to the South Lawns Hotel in Pennington for a BBQ reception.
Lisa had made her own table plan and table placeholders. So we found some great ways to show them off!

As I type this I am just about to start setting out the pages and bringing all the images and concepts together for their beautiful story book which will stay with them forever.
Here are a small selection of some of our work from the day.
Many thanks to Anny Elliott of St Marks and the team at the South Lawns Hotel for being so helpful to us.

Lisa & James Wedding Story.