Bournemouth Town Hall Wedding – Jo & Keith

This was a wedding of fire pits, marquees, and ice-cream vans!

Jo & Keith started their day with a small family ceremony at Bournemouth Town Hall followed by a roast at Drusilla’s Inn opposite Horton Tower.  It was then onto Jo’s family home where the marquee’s had been set up for an evening of dance and home made food.

Jo’s play on the word “button hole” worked well with buttons being used for both Keith’s button hole on his jacket and Jo’s bouquet was made up of a mixture of yellow buttons!  Both skilfully made by Jo herself.

As the day progressed and sun went down, the fire pit was lit, the cake was cut and then the ice-cream van appeared!  We must confess, this is the first wedding where the ice-cream has been served from a real ice-cream van, complete with musical entrance!

We set up our Fun Booth (to a wonderful backdrop painted by Jo & Keith) and havoc reigned!