Clock Barn Wedding Movie

Clock Barn is a beautiful wedding venue set in open farmland in Hampshire. It was Lee and Kate's ideal location for their wedding. There is a beautiful private road that leads to the farm and the barn is situated amongst the farm buildings. The barn gets its name from the delightful rustic thatched clock tower at the entrance. We were shooting both stills and movie clips during the day with compact High Definition camera rigs. These cameras have a very small footprint so we can integrate & merge into the wedding as guests which is by far our preferred style. Kate's bridal preparations were shot in the barn whilst Lee's were created in the Lavender Barn (honeymoon suite) which is situated a very short walk away. The ceremony was held in a separate room in Clock Barn which has a relaxed feelling with a fireplace and armchairs.  

In this movie I really wanted to make a feature of the clock at Clock Barn. Time is a fundamental concept for us as photographers & movie makers.  As photographers we want to stop time, to freeze it and to keep moments fresh for ever. As movie makers we want to show the passage of time whether it's a few fleeting moments or many hours. 

Getting married is about a commitment to each other for life. The clock at Clock Barn helped as tell Kate & Lee's wedding story and highlight one of the most important parts about the commitment of marriage. Oh and one other thing... time flies when your having fun!

We had a wonderful day at Clock Barn the staff were fantastic and the catering provided by Galloping Gourmet was exceptional. 

Behind the scenes...
The passing of time clips of the clock were created using video time lapse. I set up the rig in the bushes across the road from the clock. Normally leaving several thousand pounds worth of equipment unattended on a roadside is not a great idea but Clock Barn is a private estate and I had no fears of losing our equipment.

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