Sacred Heart Church in Bournemouth – Christa & Rich Wedding

After meeting Christa and Rich (with little Effie) at their Love Shoot, we were looking forward to their wedding at the Sacred Heart Church in Bournemouth.

Unbeknown the Christa, her father had arranged a beautiful horse and carriage to take her to the church.  What a lovely surprise!  Richmond Hill came to a standstill as two magnificent black horses drawing a fairytale white carriage glided down the hill to the Church carrying Christa and her father (he told her that his car had a puncher).  In our pictures we wanted to portray the horses as they were on the day, bold and strong, so we shot on a low angle to capture the full feeling of having them in a small street.  To enable this to be done, we had to stop the traffic and move several cones to ensure that the pictures were clear and clean.

As with all our weddings, we like to keep as low as profile as possible and this is especially true during the ceremony. Here are just a few from the day.