Videography & Cinematography

We offer non distracting professional low impact documentary Videography & Cinematography which you can add to your photography Collection. 

Having our videography package included with our photography package means there is only one director of photography at your wedding which of course is how it should be.

We can decide where tripods and other equipment are best placed & left, who is shooting where and when and so on.
Ultimately this means there is less disturbance to you & ourselves during the day. It also means that we're not faced with the situation of having to continually compete for shots and angles at random with a separate set of photographers who have their own agenda.

If you do choose to book separate videography we are, of course, able to work with them but we do ask that they don't tag along during your personal portrait sessions as we have had too many bad experiences and it's just too distracting for you not knowing who to look at and so on.      

Just like our photography we are committed to keeping our videography equipment as low key as possible.  Our state of the art cameras have a very small footprint so we can effortlessly integrate & merge into your wedding as guests which is by far our preferred style. If by chance one of us is caught in the photography we are always dressed smartly so we blend in.

Our Captured Moments highlight video is set to music of our choice and lasts around 3-5 minutes encapsulating the most memorable moments from your day.  We also cover separately your speeches in full for you.

Below are a selection of links to captured moment cinamatic movies in subtly different styles for you to enjoy.  

Jo and Jason's Lulworth Castle Wedding from Lawes Photography on Vimeo.